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Musician and Artist

About Me

 I am an Artist and Musician, born in Bavaria, Germany and migrated to Australia in 1954, at the age of 12. My birth name is Fred Himmelsbach, but I changed my name to Marc Leon in 1966 at the advice of my then-manager, because my real name was too hard to pronounce. However, I still use my real name when I sign my artwork.

I studied Commercial Art at East Sydney Technical College, for four years, but abandoned my studies in 1964, to pursue a career in Music. I became a professional musician in 1968, when I joined the *Vibrants*, a band who had three nation-wide number 1 hits.

In my 57 years as a professional musician, I recorded four Albums and nine 45RPM singles. I extensively toured all Australian states, as well as working in SE Asia for six months. My musical credits include:

* Session musician - playing guitar and singing on TV and Radio jingles and albums featuring well-known entertainers.

* Concerts,

* Appearances on all major Australian TV networks

* Supporting International acts such as the Bee Gees, Jose Feliciano, The Kinks and Roberta Flack.

* Musical Director for John Farnham, Colleen Hewett, Normie Rowe and John St. Peeters.

* Finalist in the 1976 American Song Festival (Honourable Mention) * Finalist in the MBAS *Blues Performer Of The Year* contest, 1995.

* Music Teacher.

I currently perform with The Old Buzzards Medicine Show, playing some of my original songs, as well as Blues, Jazz and Classic Rock. I also perform as a soloist, playing acoustic music.

Although versitile in several genres, my musical preferences are Blues and Jazz.

I renewed my interest in art in 1985, when I was invited to join the Riddells Creek Art Society and participated in two annual exhibitions, featuring works in Oils, Charcoal and Pastels. I studied *Portraits In Oils* with Patricia Moran and was a member of the Victorian Arts Society for four years. In 2003, I held my first Solo exhibition, *The Story Teller*, which featured 24 pastel works about Native American Spirituality and History.

Other exhibitions I participated in are:

* Riddells Creek Art Society, 1986 & 99.

* Victorian Arts Society, 1989, 90 & 91.

* Sunbury Art Gallery, 1988 - 99.

* Woodend Lions Art Show, 1999.

* Camberwell Rotary Art Show, 1999, 2000 & 2001.

* Bendigo Rotary Art Show, 1999 & 2000

* Dandenong Rotary Art Show, 2000.


* Most popular painting, Riddells Creek Art Show, 1999.

My artist's style can best be described as *Realism* and my favourite subjects are landscapes and portraits painted and sketched from Nature and Life.

My favourite artist's medium is Pastels and Charcoal. I use *Art Spectrum* Soft Pastels on *Art Spectrum* Colour Fix Multi-Media paper.

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Books/Zines:

I love reading books about Spirituality, Atlantis, Native American ways, mainly factual subjects.

Some of my Favorite Artists/Musicians are:

In Music - BB King, Ray Charles, Robben Ford, Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane, Kenny Burrell, The Allman Brothers, Carlos Santana, Jerry Butler, Sam Cooke and Donny Hathaway. These people were major influences in my evolution as a musician. There are many more, too many to mention here, but of late, I have been inspired by musicians like Joe Bonamassa, Derek Trucks, Jack Pearson and Barry Richman.

My favourite Visual Artists are Patricia Moran, Hans Heysen, Frederick McCubbin, Ivor Jansons, Robert Wade, Doug Sealy, Dave Flitner, Guy Manning, Charles Pabst, Hal Empie, Joseph Sharp, Howard Terpning, Frank McCarthy, Tom Lovell - and Charlie Russell - the list is endless!

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